From Our Board of Directors

Saddle up your flower power and join us at the Great Falls Balloon Festival!  Lewiston – Auburn’s long-awaited Pal-Hop Reunion is just a few days away!!  This year we welcome The Travelers and the Rockin Recons to our stage on Saturday night.   In the 60’s. The Police Athletic League dances, aka PAL Hops, would draw as many as 2,000 teenagers on Friday nights to enjoy music and dancing.  The dances took place at the Lewiston City Building and any past attendees will remember them with a smile on their face and pep in their step.


We will be presenting The Elvis Tribute Balloon with Roy Stinson as pilot.  This balloon comes to us from Kentucky, so let’s give them a nice warm Maine welcome!  Elvis was larger than life, as it this 10-story tall version of the King. This Elvis is 105 feet tall and weighs 485 pounds, complete with sideburns, sunglasses that are 40 feet wide and a classic white jumpsuit.  We look forward to him decorating our skies on his first visit to Maine.


We also welcome Keystone Willy and ConAir – they are visiting from Oklahoma owned and operated by Wil Lapointe.  Wil is bringing a second pilot with him on his first visit to Maine with these balloons. Watch Willy the cop chase ConAir through our skies and see if he can catch him!  Along with these great shapes, there will be 18 additional balloons floating high above the falls this year.   Balloon launches are 6am and 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Weather permitting, the moon glow will illuminate Simard Payne Memorial Park on Friday night.  It is quite a site to see!  Come on down and enjoy a ride – if that is not for you, there will be tethered rides available Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the main field.


Both stages, Lewiston and Auburn, will be full of great entertainment all weekend – check out our schedule in this insert or on our website for all the details.  We look forward to checking out our local talent at open mic night on Friday night on our Auburn stage.  Or enjoy some karaoke on the Lewiston stage on Saturday afternoon.  There is something for everyone, we hope you enjoy!


SCA Medieval Encampment will be in Bonney Park again this year.  If you have not checked them out yet, it is a must.  The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international organization dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe.  Take a step back in time and visit the encampment, they have events planned all weekend for your enjoyment.


Craft and trade vendors will line the park and the carnival will be present to lend fun and excitement as well.

Since its creation, the mission of the festival is to provide a place for local non-profits to raise much needed funds.  This is accomplished by the mouthwatering food offerings and donations to the parking lot groups.  The organizations work hard all year preparing for this event to provide these choices to you.  Visit your favorite food booth and support them!


According to economic impact studies done at the festival, the revenue stream over the weekend to Lew/Auburn is $2.3 million dollars, with 65% of that coming from outside the twin cities. Between our local restaurants, hotels, stores and gas stations, everyone benefits. The numbers are impressive for a weekend event supporting our great community!


It goes without saying, but I will say it anyhow… we could not put on this great event without the help and support of many volunteers, corporate sponsors and the cities of Lewiston and Auburn.  Everyone involved puts in endless hours and the board cannot thank everyone enough!  We also thank the local landowners who may find a balloon in their backyard over the weekend!

Please come on down to the festival this year and enjoy all it has to offer.   We look forward to being your hosts!

Thank you,

Board of Directors

Great Falls Balloon Festival.